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A new homesteading adventure

With a little animal husbandry on the side

Grow to Live

Garden Design & Consultation. If you want to grow it, we can help.


Perennial. Permaculture. Edible Forest Gardens.

With Nature

Natural herbal products. Hand harvested and hand crafted.

Farm to Table

We grow. You eat. That simple.

What We Do

Garden Design

Do you have visions of sand plums? Or maybe raised beds filled with tomatoes, peppers and greens? Are you intrigued by permaculture design, and want to know where to get started? We can help design, install and implement your garden dreams. All consultation work is priced on a case-by-case basis. Nothing is too small!

Market Garden

We grow varying types of produce and herbs and sell locally. More info on venues and where to find us coming soon.

Animal & Animal By-products

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We have both chicken meat and eggs for sale, check our store for availability. We currently have a mix of Swedish Flower Hens, Barred Rocks, and various colored egg layers. Our birds are humanely raised on Oklahoma pasture, filling their bellies with as many bugs and greens as they want.

Hand-crafted & Herbal

We make use of the bounty of medicinal and herbal plants found growing on our pasture, and deliberately planted in our permaculture guilds to craft various goodies. Things change with availability and the seasons so check out our store for more info on what we have for sale today.

A low-tech heating solution.

The Cost of Real Good Food

Producing food in ethical and sustainable way ain’t cheap. We certainly aren’t the first to write about this, as many others have at a more macro level (Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin, Wendell Berry, Maurice Kains….). What we deal with on a day to basis in keeping our animals fed is…

Homestead Meal Planning Frugality

At the start of Winter break we were staring at nearly 2 full weeks home together, three square meals a day (excepting holiday events) for 2 adults and 2 kids (who mostly eat like adults). Instead of running away screaming I took a deep breath, enlisted our oldest in coming…

plan view

A Year of Seasons on the Farm, Plus a Tour

As we move in to winter we’re drawn to reflect on our first year of seasons on the new farm. After an almost month long (and more intense than expected) renovation we began the process of packing up the homestead we had known for the past 9 years. We moved…

Taking Stock

We moved here in the dead of winter, so it was sort of a gamble as to what we would find growing on the land. We knew the previous owners had raised all sorts of animals from cows to chickens and exotic birds in their nearly thirty years of living…

Freshly tilled & watering in the Sorghum Sudangrass

Farm Living Is The Life

We did it! We moved to acreage in the country. Moving and setting up homestead after being firmly rooted in one place for 10 years can be quite challenging, but we’ve come out the other side bigger, bolder and with a slightly different twist. There will be more on that…